Saturday, April 13, 2013

Govern-Mental Man (parody of 'Gentleman' by Psy)


(Holla, Kim Jung-Un!)
D.P.R.K. is on it, son
(All for Kim Jung-Un!)
What’s crackin’, Dennis Rod-uh-mon?
(Baller, Kim Jung-Un!)
Army, starry flag and war today
(Follow Kim Jung-Un!)
Prestrike, we like Third Reich party, yay

Bitch, we are North Korea!
The common people in their hundreds all clamour and cheer
 Jung-un is the best, the state will state loud and nuclear
No-one on the planet can be half as grandiose as we are
HERO OR TANK? Nice critique, dyslexia!
 *execution-style gunshots montage*
Slime ball, crime lord, tyrant
Spiteful, vile and violent
I-I-I-I I’m a rather Govern-Mental man
North Ireland?
Fire a nuke cuz we resent Japan
Prime it
Align it
Try an intercontinental span
 (Holla, Kim Jung-Un!)
Yeah, we are gonna launch a bomb
(Squalor in our slums!)
Our Supreme Leader’s number one
(Starving on bare crumbs!)
Hungry tummies, empty bellies ache
(Dollars, Won and funds)
All the money militaries take
Bitch, we are North Korea!
Law enforcement, walls and borders, hunger, di-a-rrhoea
We sleep on steel and wood, rooms are bare
None freer
March in Pyongyang
South Hwanghae (ha!) if you’re lucky
No fear
Vogue mag photoshop my new career?

Slime ball, crime lord, tyrant
Spiteful, vile and violent
I’m slavedriver of my
Northern Oriental clan
Liar! Dragged off in a rental van
With rifles
My stock-piles compliment Iran
I’m a nuclear threat!
Every tank and jet!
When my father died… we cried!
Though our land’s in debt
You’ll be shaking yet
We’re the DMZ’s… best side!
(Best side! Best side!
Best side! Side-side-side)

I-I-I-I I’m a rather Govern-Mental man
Fighters, execute my vengeful plan!
Light up, give those US men a tan!

Not a Presidential fan
A rather Govern-Mental man

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