Monday, September 16, 2013

A brief comparison of the Australian Coalition vs Labor party

(* Foreword: I did not vote for either Coalition or Labor in the 2013 election. Senate choices were made below the line and jumped between parties based on the experience and policies of individual candidates.)

Today, Tony Abbott's government cabinet was announced, presenting the Australian public with the front bench that will be serving in the House of Representatives for the next 3 years. Numerous portfolios were dropped from previous government arrangements, including:
- Science
- Energy
- Climate
- Youth
- Early Childhood
- Aged Care
- Status Of Women.

Newly implemented was a minister of Border Protection (Scott Morrison) and Health Minister Peter Dutton will also double as minister for Sport.

Early criticisms have already arisen regarding the ratio of women to men in the Coalition cabinet, outer ministry and parliamentary secretaries; tallied at 1:18, 4:7 and 1:11 respectively (6:36 in total).

Let us compare these ratios to the Coalition and Labor ministers that Australia was voting for mere weeks ago:

Ha. Interesting, that.

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