Monday, September 29, 2014

Lorde "Yellow Flicker Beat" parody - "Hallows' Trick-Or-Treat"

[ghostly “Wooooo” background vocals]
You dress DC, I go Marvel
Superman and Storm
Once it’s after dark and foggy
Then thrills will unfold
Fake blood, brains and guts
Some spooky fleshless bones
Red seeping stains clot
With dire sounds of moans
and shrieks
Costumes abound
Bonfires in the night
Sweet confections are our hope
We’re vying for a fright
So just cede all of your treats
Or pumpkins will soon hit home
Evil on the streets
In our disguises and torn clothes
(A nougat stick? Oooh!)
Got lanterns carved
And skulls on your fence
A sign reads “House Of Pain”
(Who gives licorice?)

We’re bleeding lots
The sinister dead walking
Hallows’ trick-or-treat
Starting after dark
A quiverin’ heart
No jolly Christmas cheer
Limbs severed into parts
For a touch of fear

A wily sprite creeps up in a
Bed cover fitted checker sheet
Marching through your yard

Loud screams ensue
The night forest has eyes
Hope the kiddies don’t drown
From razor blades at bobbing time

There’s some creeper stalking me
Blood dripping from a Screech Owl
Oujia boards and shrieks
At our old neighbours’ porch light
We’re on an Indian grave of feathers
And we’ve prayed for spirits risen
Candy's stocking up, chips and gum
Which eff-wit gave a gingerbread treat?
(Some soda pop? Oooooh!)
Fresh tissue scars
Long spiderweb strands
You’re dressed up as Bruce Wayne
I’m the Wicked Witch

We’ll feed for months
On sugar bars
Fed from marshmallows, Snickers treats
Chocolate strawberry tart
Pentagram star
A bloody viscous smear
Black leather and a sharp
Metal butcher’s spear
Some eyeless guy
Freak out from the dead walking
Hallows’ trick-or-treat
Starting after dark
[Owls hooting ‘Hooo! Hooo! Hooo!’]
Breadbasket full of sickly sweet
Fructose, salt and carbs
[Ghosts howling ‘Booo! Wooo! Wooo!’]
Dread, horror, gallows, chicken meat
Eat, eat, eat

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