Friday, August 2, 2013

Lorde 'Royals' parody - Royal Baby

They’re gonna print my likeness on your cash
When they bequeath my role as king, I’ll be ruling
Soon I’ll have found my own princess
Once I’ve worn the crown
The royal family
(Yeah, every day is like:)
Royal wreaths, grand dukes, sittin’ on the oak throne
Long reigns, gold crowns, sashes that are silk sewn
Grosvenor Square
We’ve got a battleaxe for our Queen
(We rule the Commonwealth!)
Mattress stack gets piled up on a green pea
Horse reins, Ireland, Harry smoking hashish
Rightful heir
My poor father’s losing all his hair

We’re the sovereign royals (Royals!)
Polo on a prized stud
A formal tux to eat my lunch
You slave away to make a crust
I shall be your ruler (Ooh-err!)
You can call me King Gee
This baby will rule
(O’er you and you and you!)
For the Windsor dynasty
Our London tower is stacked with gold
We hunt for foxes in the rain with our Corgis
I’ve got a sceptre, orb and ro-o-o-o-obes
My bloodline is rich
Your peasant life is crummy

(My every butler brings:)
Roast beef, roast goose, drippings and roast mushrooms
Champagne, boars, trout, pheasants with my gilt spoon
I dive in caviar for a swim
(We’ve got the governance!)
Bristol, Cambridge, highness on your 5 pence
Sirs, Dames, Knights, Lords, titles of a fresh prince
We all sneer
You weren’t brought up in a house of peers
We’re the sovereign royals (Royals!)
Pippa’s got a great butt
Our coat of arms really kick arse
With lions, unicorns and such
From the line of Tudors (Nudists!)
Flashing bods obscenely
We’ll show our Crown Jewels
(Crown Jewels, Crown Jewels, Crown Jewels!)
We love royal scandal, see
Stone of Scone
Oakwood throne
We wipe with mink in our latrine
My pram is more a limousine
Noble folks
Opal clothes
Kate Moss will be my new au pair
When you’re brought up on this high a chair
We’re forever your royals (Royals!)
Pardon me, like Thomas Blood
But it’s deluxe being your boss
My coronet with shiny cross
Life is so luxuriant (Lucre!)
In Westminster Abby
This baby will rule
(O’er you and you and you!)
In the royal monarchy

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